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The Maven

Favored Attribute: Lore

The city is a vast library of knowledge, and a small piece of it is yours, but yours alone.

Map Elements

In your first session, add an element to the map that represents the city’s wealth or former glory. Here are some ideas:

Relationship Questions


Niche (Required)

Pick a special area of knowledge.

When you apply this knowledge to a problem, roll +Lore. If the problem clearly belongs to the area of knowledge, roll with advantage. On a hit, the Magistrate will give you a piece of information about the problem that is useful or interesting. On 10+, clear one Heat.

Areas of Knowledge

Studied Awareness

(Improve Ear to the Ground)

When you put your Ear to the Ground, the GM will always tell you something about the community focused on your niche, regardless of your roll.

Deep Study

(Improve Get Something)

You have a Curriculum Vitae track of 3 boxes. When you Get Something related to your niche, you may mark a Curriculum Vitae box instead of a History or Demand to bump your result one tier. When you do, describe a flashback about your ongoing research in that area.

Sage for Hire

When you offer your services to someone, ask them what answer or solution they need. Establish a Project track with 5 boxes. Mark Heat to mark 2 boxes at the outset. When you have time to pursue the Project, roll +Lore. On a hit, mark the Project. On 7-9, ask the Magistrate what it cost you to make progress. When you complete the Project, add a belief and select a reward:


Hidden Truth

You know a secret related to your niche about the city itself or the world at large. No more than once per session, you may use this secret as you would any other secret. When you use it, mark one segment of a 4-segment clock. When all segments are marked, the revealed secret makes a change to the world.


You have an attribute called Performance. It starts at -1. When you rely on your niche to tell a story, declare your objective and roll + Performance. On 10+ you achieve your objective; on 7-9, mark Heat to achieve your objective or clear 1 Heat or choose a different objective.


When you Use Power to heal someone or repair an object, roll with +2.

Ties & Secrets

Pick two people with whom you have a Tie. For each, pick what you know about them from the [[Lists#Area of Insight]]