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The Patron

Favored Attribute: Network

The city hums with activity, but without your patronage, it would come to a screeching halt.

Map Elements

In your first session, add an element to the map that represents the city’s wealth or former glory. Here are some ideas:

At any time, you may mark Heat to add another element to the map.


Wealth and Influence (Required)

Start every session with one Asset marked. If you already have an Asset marked, you may instead clear one Heat.

Follow the Money

(Improvement to Appraise)

Whenever you Appraise Circumstances you may always ask one of these questions:

Grease the Palms

(Improvement to Get Something)

When you Get Something, you may spend an Asset in lieu of taking a Consequence.

Inner Circle (Group)

You belong to a group of the city’s elite.

Notorious Influence

Private Transportation

You have a special mode of transportation designed to get around the city most effectively. When you Transit, if you use it, you may roll with Network instead of Environs.

Keen Eye

When you Use Power to gauge distance, volume, value, or other quantity, roll with +2.

Ties & Secrets

Pick two people with whom you have a Tie. For each, pick what you know about them from the [[Lists#Area of Insight]]