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The Producer

Favored Attribute: Environs

You contribute to the lifeblood of the city, producing goods and services for the use or benefit, enjoyment or satisfaction of others.

Map Elements

In your first session, add an element to the map that represents a place where the city produces goods or services. Here are some ideas:

At any time, you may mark Heat to add another element to the map.


Tools of the Trade (Required)

You are a builder or craftsperson or professional who provides a good or service. What is it? You have tools related to your craft with three uses. You may mark a use to Use Asset.


(Improvement to Sample the Sights and Sounds)

When you Sample the Sights and Sounds, describe how it inspires you in your craft. You may clear a mark of Tools.


(Improvement to Get Your Bearings)

You’ve seen most corners of the city. When you Get Your Bearings, you may always ask, “How did my craft take me here before?”

A Nose for Opportunity

(Improvement to Ear to the Ground)

Whenever you put your Ear to the Ground, the Magistrate will always tell you about a new opportunity related to your craft.


You have a factory or mill or shop or office (scheme with Productivity 0) that produces goods or services related to your craft. Where is it located? What does it produce? What’s it called?

When you Get Something related to this scheme – materials or information – you may roll with advantage.

Select one Drawback:


Some Assembly Required

When you Use Power to produce a small, unique, and useful item, roll with +2.

Ties & Secrets

Pick two people with whom you have a Tie. For each, pick what you know about them from the [[Lists#Area of Insight]]