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The Connector

Favored Attribute: Network

The city is the greatest marketplace in the world for goods and information but without you, people wouldn’t find each other to make such exchanges.

Map Elements

In your first session, add an element to the map that represents a place where people meet up. Here are some ideas:

At any time, you may mark Heat to add another element to the map.

Relationship Questions



(Improvement to Meet Someone New)

When you Meet Someone New, in lieu of answering a question you may instead offer to facilitate an introduction to someone important to them.

Smooth Talker

(Improvement to Negotiate)

When you Negotiate, they pick two Weak Responses.

Create a Diversion

When you spread a rumor to create a distraction after you Reveal a Secret, roll +Network. On a hit, you may avoid marking Heat. On a 10+, you may limit the Reactions they can pick from: offer them two.

Know Someone

When you need someone in your current neighborhood with a particular skill, expertise, or knowledge, roll +Network. If you have a connection to the neighborhood, roll with advantage. On a hit, you know where to find them. On a 7-9, pick 1.

Trade Tongue

You speak a local dialect specific to trading or commerce. Pick two descriptors for the dialect. When you Observe Someone, you may freely ask, “Do they speak the Trade Tongue?” When interacting with someone who speaks the Trade Tongue, roll with advantage.


Black Market

When you Get Something that is especially difficult or illegal, after rolling, start a 6-segment Contraband clock. On 7-9, mark 1 segment. On 6-, mark 3 segments. From now on, you may mark the clock instead of marking Heat. When you fill the clock, someone will stop at nothing to recover the item.

Grease the Wheels

When you Use Power to aid in movement, roll with +2.

Ties & Secrets

Pick two people with whom you have a Tie. For each, pick what you know about them from the [[Lists#Area of Insight]]