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The Sustainer

Favored Attribute: Lore

The city is a great machine, an intricate connection of cogs and wheels ever ticking through infinite calculations. But every machine, even the great ones, need occasional winding, lubricating, and de-bugging.

Map Elements

In your first session, add an element to the map that represents the city’s bureaucracy or complex interrelationships. Here are some ideas:

At any time, you may mark Heat to add another element to the map.

Relationship Questions


Municipal Works Expertise (Required)

You have some deep knowledge about the city’s inner workings and infrastructure. Pick one area of expertise. When you apply your knowledge, you may roll the move with Lore in place of its usual attribute. When you Appraise Circumstances or put your Ear to the Ground, you may roll with advantage.


(Improvement to Transit)

You know shortcuts through the city. When you Transit, you may pick a Consequence to get to your destination without rolling.

Observe Problems

(Improvement to Get Your Bearings)

When you Get Your Bearings, you may always ask one of the questions from the Appraise Circumstances list.

Old City Knowledge

You are familiar with previous incarnations of the city. Write a belief about an older version of the city. When this belief is proven wrong, you may immediately replace it with another.

Crew (Group)

You manage or work with a crew responsible for the Municipal Works. Their responsibility matches your Municipal Works Expertise. Identify their territory (3 adjacent neighborhoods). When you call on your crew to provide support, describe what you need them to do to help you out. You may take +1 forward if it’s in their territory and +1 forward if it aligns with their expertise. Otherwise, mark 1 Heat to get +1 to your roll.

Tune the Machine

When you Use Power to locate objects, landmarks, or people, roll with +2.

Ties & Secrets

Pick two people with whom you have a Tie. For each, pick what you know about them from the [[Lists#Area of Insight]]